Thanksgiving with Joe


Tonight Little Monkey and Middle Monkey declared mandatory movie night since the new Jonas Brothers movie came out. While I confess I do not have posters of any of the bros, I tend to get giggly right along with them. Earlier this year, I took them to Nokia to see them and I admit, they come dangerously close to Green Day in terms of putting one of the most amazing live shows I have ever seen. The movie is super cute, followed by a new music video of the same so catch it tomorrow on it’s second night on ABC if you are so inclined.

The funny that derived from this was following the movie, a 20 minute conversation between myself and Middle Monkey (who believes she is destined to marry Joe) over our imaginary first Thanksgiving dinner with Joe at the table. Peep some of the highlights below:

“Thank you Jesus for the food we are about to eat and my daughter marrying Joe Jonas.”

“Could you pass the turkey over to Joe, you really don’t need any more.”

“Joe, has anyone told you today how HOT you are?”

“Cranberry sauce Joe?”

“Woo Hoo, picture time, put Joe in the middle. Hey, move over, you are crushing his jacket. Give Joe some room to smile!”

“Have you gotten your serving of Joe Jonas today?”

“Joe, would you like to hold the remote during the game or would like to just stand in front of the TV?”

Good stuff. Go get yourself some Jonas. I recommend “Hold On” or “Hello Beautiful.”

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  1. P.S. Don’t leave me comments about the Green Day link. If you aren’t hip enough to get it, you shouldn’t be here…

  2. oh to be a fly on the wall in your house!!! lmao

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