June Year’s Resolution


I flippin love Urban Dictionary, if you aren’t on their word of the day, you should be. So today is a phrase really that signifies you readjusting your expectations and going over failed resolutions. I always set intentions, rather than resolutions, because if you don’t intend to actually do it, what’s the point. This is part of my blog from December on what I “intended to get done this year”:

So my dear friends, I set my intentions a few days early this year…I will loose at least another 30 pounds followed by a couple of surgical enhancements (LOL), spread the peace in my life into the lives of others, get promoted early this year, try to see more bands this year than I did last year, find someone brave enough to ride all the coasters at Six Flags with me in the same day, jump out of an airplane (okay, not by myself but in a tandem jump), complete an improv class, road trip to see Mt. Rushmore, begin to learn French and HOPEFULLY travel to a minimum of three different countries this year. Oh, and that’s just for the first nine months of the year…I am still working on what to do after September but maybe you can give me some ideas? My question for you is:


Well, I am 12 pounds down, working on finding enough peace in my life so I can share, completed the improv class and starting the next one, I’ve seen four or five new bands already this year, working on skydiving by August…geeze, I am EXHAUSTED!

Have you given up on yours or held fast to those resolutions from six months ago?

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